Welcome to Salento

Welcome to Salento. Villa Sirgole Rosa is a wonderful holiday home with a stunning swimming-pool for 5 to 7 visitors. It’s surrounded by a lush garden, situated in the heart of Salento; 28 km south of Lecce, so in the southern-most Puglia, the heel of Italy’s boot.

Experience numerous charming villages with thousands of years of exciting history, great culture, historic architecture and warm people. For instance you will be delighted by very fine dining and excellent wines. Try the passionate Negroamaro, the seductive Primitivo or the enchanting Malvasia wine.

Villa Sirgole Rosa

Villa Sirgole Rosa welcome you with a beautiful interior and lots of space all around, a  spacious swimming-pool that serves two houses, but will be only yours over 90% of the time. The large terrace gives you a beautiful view of the green countryside and wineyards. It’s in the middle of a large garden of Eden. You find many palmtrees, orange and lemon-trees, with lots of oxygen and nature. Perfect for your holiday to relax and enjoy fully.

The ideal position in the heart of the peninsula allows you to make numerous excursions and therefore enjoy the beautiful beaches which are easily accessible. By car you can reach the lovely and scenic beaches in the bay of Gallipoli in 20 minutes, the baroque capital Lecce or the historical Otranto in 30 minutes. Furthermore the historical town of Galatina in 7 minutes, small villages with fine architecture, divine cuisine and lots of culture within 3 minutes.

Salento Countryside and Beaches

In Salento there are hundreds of destinations, attractions and equally natural beauties. You will find delightful rocky coves, also with thermal water and uniquely fresh water springs, many lovely beaches: these are indeed among the most beautiful of the Mediterranean. Some of these beaches with the turquoise blue color of the sea remind very much the Maldives. The water temperature is warm from May to October (from 23 to 28 degrees C or 73 to 82 F). There are more than 320 sunny days a year. In the year 2020 we were able to swim in the sea until december.

It is a different world of heaven and earth, sea and sun, nature and well-being.

Dive into paradise!